Assorted pictures from all over - click on the thumbnail to see the full image - some are quite large!
Alyssa, Simon's tandem partner and daughter alyssa.jpg (71370 bytes) What some see for most or all of a century typical_.jpg (63702 bytes)
Dave at the first rest stop at TOSRV davestop.jpg (69882 bytes) Rest stop number two - day one TOSRV tosrv98s.jpg (132865 bytes)
Tom relaxing at the end of day one of TOSRV happytom.jpg (26713 bytes) Tom and his mountain bike in the snow. tom_snow.jpg (49754 bytes)
Kim at the first rest stop at TOSRV kimstop1.jpg (39047 bytes) Simon similarly snowed! simonsno.jpg (64264 bytes)
Luxury accommodations in Portsmouth, Ohio - end of day 1 TOSRV luxuryac.jpg (77464 bytes) The crew at the 1/2 way point at the Seagull - that is the Atlantic in the background! seagl98d.jpg (38402 bytes)
Kim with broken spokes (Kim tends to break his things..... spokes, frames, etc) brkn spks.jpg (43752 bytes) Eddy Merckx (AKA Eric - ask us about it sometime) in a paceline at the Seagull eddy paceline.jpg (33606 bytes)
Eric finishing up at the Seagull Century 1998 Ericseag.jpg (38966 bytes) Eric & Dave getting ready to start TOSRV 1995 Mercy2.jpg (63384 bytes)
Simon's old bike - he traded it for a mountain bike (bummer!) but it is still beautiful! colnago.jpg (415593 bytes) Lunch stop at the Seagull seagullunch.jpg (47616 bytes)

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