Founded 1988

"Mostly old guys in tight pants"

Information for new riders


We ride every Saturday and Sunday from the Coffee Tree Roasters at 299 Beverly Road in Mt. Lebanon.  We meet for coffee at 6:30 am and leave promptly at 7:00 am.

Saturday's ride takes us to the zoo with a stop in the Strip District for cappuccino.  The pace averages about 16 or so mph with higher speeds as we go down West Liberty and Butler Street.  There are a few tough climbs, over Mt. Washington and up Liberty into Bloomfield.  Total distance is about 28 miles with options to extend it another 12.

Sunday takes us into the country west of the city.  We usually go to the small town of Midway where you can choose to return (about 36 miles) or extend the ride to 50 or 60 or more miles.  The pace is more brisk with averages of 18+ mph.

There are also regular weekday rides, one starts at 5:00 am and the other at 6:00 am - we do NOT start at the Coffee Tree.  Please email for details.

We generally don't start out if it is raining but do complete rides in the rain.  We ride all year as long as there is no ice or snow on the roads

Road bikes are recommended as mountain and hybrid bikes can make it tough to keep up.  Helmets are recommended and those who show up without one make the rest of us uncomfortable as we don't want anyone to become a premature organ donor.

Please contact us via email if you have any questions. Click here to request information via email  (or send to )

  revised 04/27/2015