Steve Bedilion  
Name: Steve Bedilion
Primary Phone: (412)334-9072
Spouse's Name: Stephanie
Chileren(s) Names: Cooper
Occupation: IT Manager
Date of Birth: 6/28/1979
Riding Since: 2001
Hobbies: Shooting large furbearing creatures, fishing, and pretty much anything outdoors. Drop me off in Alaska and pick me up in a month....or 2.
Bike(s): Ranked in order of Fun! 1: Gary Fisher Rig (29er Single Speed MTB) 2: Colnoga CX1 3: late 70s Schwinn Fixie/Cross/Commuter build. 4: Fetish Cycles Track Bike 5: Soul Cycles Hooligan (Rigid SS MTB) 6: Trek something...Beater Road bike.
Components: Less components the better!
Favorite Rides: Anywhere in Colorado
Cycling Affiliation(s): Pgh Elite Velo/CAT Racing