Brian Cohen
Name: Brian Cohen
Community: Mt Lebanon
Primary Phone: (412)638 9750
Secondary Phone: (412) 531 3559
Spouse's Name: Lori
Children(s) Names: "Becca, Jessie"
Occupation: CFO
Date of Birth: 4/25/1962
Riding Since: 2006
Hobbies: Chasing kids, driving kids, paying for kids, separating kids. Reading, music (esp. Blues, Jazz and Rock), golf (on biking bylaw acceptable occasions only) and other outdoor activities.
Bike(s): Giant OCR 2 (2008) and Rincon Giant Hybrid (with genuine cast iron shifters and derailers)
Components: Cleaned once per year
Favorite Rides: Long! Cherry Valley, Hilltop (for the short bursts), Avella via Studa, going down Heaven.
Cycling Affiliation(s):
Other Information: Gotta leave something else to talk about on the rides.