Bill Ehler
Name: Bill Ehler
Community: Mt. Lebanon
Primary Phone: (412)592-3503
Secondary Phone: (412)433-1039
Spouse's Name: Sylvia
Children(s) Names: Rose & Zach
Occupation: Geologist
Date of Birth: 3/8/1955
Riding Since: 1989
Hobbies: Other any other? Okay I like to Garden and work on cars too, but I would rather be riding
Bike(s): Cervelo R3, Viner EM2, Airborne Zeppelin, Scott Team CX, a broken Torreli, Peugeot P10e, GT-Tandem and a unicycle.
Components: Shimano and FSA, I'm real partial to Topolino Wheels Check out their site
Favorite Rides: I really like the coffee ride often referred to as the Zoo ride. Great time to race up some hills and socialize. My favorite race is Mingo Series, Why? 'cause I can do it well.
Cycling Affiliation(s): "UPMC Cycling Performance, ACA"
Other Information: I'm a Catagory 3 road and cycle cross racer. I am also a US Cycling Association Official. I have been racing for 10 years and placed 6th in the National Senior Games 40kRR, Louisville 2007