MS-150 2008

Altoona to State College

Here is the route, shown in green.  Note the START and FINISH labels.  The trip to State College (on the 19th) took the more easterly route.  The return trip was more to the west.  The section closest to Penn State used the same roads.  The first day was 78+ miles and the second was 72+.

This is an elevation plot for the first day.  There were a few FAST downhills!

This is for the return trip.  Note the downhill just before the center - great fun!

I also uploaded the data to an Internet mapping service that puts the route over a topographic map and others - see:

The "Hybrid" view shows why this was such a beautiful ride!  Please note that you can move the cursor over the altitude graph to see the point on the map that was at that particular elevation - you will also see that the data is in reverse order showing the 2nd day's elevation first.

The raw data in xls format is here

The raw data in txt format is here