DC Trail Trip

May 2007


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Day 1 - Pittsburgh - Ohiopyle

Day 1 - Ohiopyle - Cumberland

Day 2 - Nick & Bill

A long way down


Dave on the bridge

Lots of windmills


A sky full of wind mills

Bill's Bar in Little Orleans was the most wonderful place we stopped for the whole ride - it was DRY AND WARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell Dave rode in shorts?

Sir Simon the muddy -

Nice mud pack on his back, too!

Dave's improvised tire and Mc Donald's coffee cup fender helped!

The motel in Hancock had a hose at the ready!

Rocky, are you sure you want your panniers back?

Horst's Pictures

What hill?

West Newton -- great place to stop
























Test ride to Clairton - route - click thumbnail for larger image

Click the link below for the raw text file of the ride.


The image below is generated from this data file with GPS Visualizer - a very cool program!

And another from GPS Visualizer with altitude data included.  It uses a more complete text file.



Test ride to Clairton - profile

The ride went from the Coffee Tree down Cedar Blvd to Glikeson (the first low point in the profile).  The highest point is right by Village Square Mall.  The small spike (at about mile 9) is the climb just past South Park on Brownsville Rd.  The next (at about mile 10) is on Piney Fork road where we had to leave the Montour trail for the road.

This is GPS Visualizer's profile